Wardrobe Editing

Would you like to dress in half the time and look twice as good? Then it's time to work at wardrobe editing. Most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. This is a very expensive and time consuming way to organise your wardrobe. All that valuable space taken up by clothes that are no longer working for you.

Your ideal wardrobe should hold less clothes, but offer you a lot more outfits to wear. Learn how to make your clothes work for you, with a wardrobe weeding consultation. It's not about putting most of your wardrobe into black plastic bags. It's about evaluating what you have in your wardrobe and updating various garments by pairing them with other things to give a fresher, more up to date look. Often by simply adding one or two simple pieces, a new handbag, new hosiery and some jewellery, you'll start a new love affair with your wardrobe. Tips on organising your wardrobe will help to bring peace and harmony to your morning. Discover how easy it is to look twice as good in half the time.

£60 an hour