Do you find clothes shopping frustrating? Do you buy clothes out of desperation, but never end up wearing them? This is because you are choosing the wrong styles, cut and fabrics.

Come along to a style consultation to discover the styles which flatter your silhouette and proportions. Find the best options for your lifestyle and personality. Learn to wear accessories with flair and plan a capsule wardrobe. A personalised style workbook is yours to keep.              

The first thing to determine is your 'style personality'. This is done using a magazine style quiz, to explore your likes and dislikes and the desire you have of your new head to toe image. Body shape, skeleton and proportions will be discussed to enable you to highlight your best features, whilst taking attention away from the features you are less happy with. Advice will cover cut and shape of clothes, fabrics, patterns as well as places to shop.

Sue will ask you to bring several outfits from your wardrobe with you, to the consultation - some things that you like and feel confident in and one outfit that you often try on, but never actually wear. This is done so that you can see in practice what you have learnt about yourself during the style consultation, so that you won't repeat the same mistakes. Making shopping so much quicker and easier.

Sue will make a note of all the tips and advise, in your own personalised 28 page 'style workbook'. That way you will leave the consultation with the confidence that you have something to refer back to time after time to remind you of your personal style and how to choose the best clothes for you.

During your style consultation you will discover:

  • How to select the most flattering styles and fabric for your body shape
  • How to emphasise what you like about your body and disguise what you don't
  • How to achieve a perfect fit when buying clothes
  • How to express your personality through your clothes
  • How to avoid shopping disasters
  • How to develop a coordinated wardrobe giving you lots of different outfits
  • How to dress with confidence, what ever the occasion
  • How to reduce time and frustration looking for that perfect outfit

£115 per person 120 minute consultation