Men's Image

Are you happy to let someone else buy your clothes? Or do you just settle for something that fits? Then learn to make your own successful choices at a Men's Image consultation; that will save you agony whilst shopping and save you buying mistakes that cost you money. It will become easy to look your best and dress appropriately for every occasion.

During a men's image consultation you will be advised on the best colour and style choices according to physical characteristics and lifestyle. A colour wallet, copy of 'Image Matters For Men' and a personal workbook full of advice and personal tips is included.

You will be able to make fast, stylish choices for your social and professional life, once you have the simple guidelines to follow. These will be based on your unique natural colouring, build and personality.

In this new century, image has become very important in the business world. A Men's Image consultation will enable you to stand out amongst your colleagues and competitors, both as an individual and as an ambassador of your company.

To ensure you make the most of your image in the future, when making those important choices after your consultation, you will take away with you a copy of 'Image Matters For Men', a personal  workbook, plus a wallet containing 42 fabric swatches and 12 suiting and shirt swatches. These will all help you in identifying your best clothing colours and styles, enabling you to put them together for maximum impact, creating your own individual style.

A men's image consultation includes information on:

  • Selecting shades that compliment your colouring and enhance your appearance
  • Combining colours and patterns for formal and casual wear
  • How colours influence the way others respond to you
  • The best option for jackets, shirts and trousers for your build
  • How to get the correct fit
  • Developing a co-ordinating wardrobe, ensuring you get value for money
  • How your hair, accessories and eyewear can affect your image

£140 per person 120 minute consultation