Make-up Lessons

Make-up lessons

Have you been applying make up in the same way for years? Or maybe you've never worn make-up, because you don't know how to. In this step by step lesson you will learn how to apply your make up professionally, quickly, effectively and in the right colours to suit your natural colouring, personality and to highlight your natural features.

Firstly you will be taken through caring for your skin and then we'll begin with a fast, easy application that will be long lasting. To get to grips with the techniques and applications you will apply some of the make-up yourself, this will aid your memory, once back at your own dressing table. There's plenty of time to discuss different looks and ask questions.

You take away a 'Make-up Manual' book detailing your advice and tips to keep you looking your best. Colour Me Beautiful make-up and skincare products are available to try and buy during the consultation or on the website.

£60 per person 90 minute consultation