Colour Analysis

Are you confused by colour when you go shopping? Do you sometimes feel drab and boring? Would you love to be daring and wear more colours, but aren't sure which colours to buy or how to wear them?

There is a range of colours that are especially suited to your own colouring. When you wear these colours you will look healthier, younger and feel more vibrant. Colour analysis will make a huge, indefinable difference in the way you look and feel.

When you know the colours that compliment your natural colouring, you will save money and look great. A wallet of fabric swatches for use as a reference when shopping is included.

Woman and colour chartDuring colour analysis, Sue will ask you about your lifestyle and what demands you have on your clothes; where and how you like to shop, or not as the case may be. The more Sue understands about you the more personalised this service will be for you. Make up will be talked about, because if you wear it, it plays a very important part in your total look.

By looking at the way your skin tone, eye and hair colour compliment each other, Sue will explain how to look at colour and what your unique colouring will mean to the way you wear colour.

Sue will explain to you what neutral colours are, and how they fit into your wardrobe. Then she'll show you how to use accent colours to give you a unique look that gives you the 'wow' factor.

Next, is the make up makeover, in colours that compliment your natural colouring to enhance your features, not overpower them. You'll leave looking wonderful with a list of suitable make up colours to enable you to recreate the look.

You will also take with you a wallet containing 42 fabric swatches with unique tips on how to wear your colours and how to use the wallet when shopping.

During your colour analysis you will discover:

  • What your dominant colouring is and what effect this has
  • Why some shade compliment you more than others
  • A complete make-up in your colours with tips on how to recreate the look
  • How to wear and mix colours for your personal and working life
  • How to make your wardrobe work for you, less clothes, but more outfits
  • How to use the clothes you already have to best effect
  • Where to shop for your colours this season

£120 per person 120 minute consultation