Shopping for an Autumn wardrobe

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It's that exciting time of year again. Unable to keep away from the shops any longer I ventured into Cheltenham to see what they had to offer for the coming season.

Much has been promised in the fashion magazines; shearling aviator jackets, leather skirts and the 'Mad Men' vibe.  Annoyingly the things I went out to source seemed to escape me.  Maybe they just aren't what the good people of Cheltenham are wanting to buy.
I find it amazing how much the shops vary season to season.  Very often my favourite shop one season certainly isn't my favourite the next.  The shop that seemed to have the most wearable clothes for everyday autumnal life to my surprise was Next.
The shop that was most exciting to look around was House of Fraser, due to the addition of some new concessions, bringing wonderful surprises around many corners.  Dickins and Jones was a welcome newcomer with some great colourful knits - making up for some other very morbid colour schemes. 
The one that really rocked my boat though was Biba.  Who else gets wonderful flash backs at the mere sight of that now famous logo?  It took me straight back to the streets of Liverpool with my first wage packet burning a hole in my pocket.  It may be my memory playing tricks on me, but the prices certainly seem to have shot up, but then most certainly the quality has too.  In my opinion it was the most inspirational department in the store, well worth saving up for.  If you are looking for that directional coat to be seen in this year, Biba is the place to go.
By the end of my trip my Autumn wardrobe was replenished, maybe not with the dreams I went out to find, but with sensible items that will be worn day after day in many different ways adding a sense of fun and variety to my look.
Happy Autumnal shopping!


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