A new student's capsule wardrobe

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As an image consultant my most recent dilemma should have surely proved easy:  What to pack for the first term at uni? 

All of a sudden different things seem to be important.  "How will it wash and will the colours run?"  "There is no way that he is going to separate the whites from the reds!"  "What will it look like after never seeing an iron again and constantly living on the floor?"  "...Can't buy anything that needs to be hand washed so 100% wool was out too".  "Will it be 'cool' enough for him not to be labelled a nerd?"  "And is he bothered by any of this?"  Probably not!

We hit the shops for a years worth of clothes!  Anything white or extremely light was out for a start.  It was all going to end up the colour of the darkest item anyway.
Next ,where to shop.  Probably going to work out more expensive to shop at the likes of Primark as it won't survive the battering it's no doubt going to get.  But too pricey is crazy too.  We settled for the likes of H & M.

Probably easier for a guy than a girl.  Only need trousers for the bottoms.  No skirts or dresses to worry about.  How many to last the week?  I am hoping to encourage him to do some washing once a week!
We ended up with six pairs of jeans in varying styles and some trackies.  Six tee shirts, some new and some old favourites.  Three polo shirts, just in case something smarter is required!  Probably ended up with too much knitwear: five jumpers and three cardigans, he's very much a cardigan man!  Five jackets of varying looks, a trench, Harrington, reefer and a couple of hoodies.

All that needs to be added are a pair of shoes, boots and trainers and of course the all important dressing gown.  The only thing to worry about now, is will it all fit in the wardrobe!!


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